WeirdGear Radio Show - 08/04/2018 | Polyvinyl Craftsmen Crossover SUV

April 8, 2018

Coop and Lee, sitting in the Railway having a Record Buyers Anonymous Meeting with a selection of music only they'd buy and that you need to hear. And tracks each other played that they'll now be buying as a consequence.

It's only a Polyvinyl WeirdGear Radio Show no less...

1) Palais Schamburg - Telephone (C)

2) Bill Wyman - Si Si Je Suis un Rock Star (L)

3) Placebo 1973 - Balek (C)

4) Parsley Sounds - Ease Yourself in and Glide (L)

5) Safet Isovic - Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu (C)

6) The Children of Sunshine - It's a Long Way To Heaven (L)

7) Ghulam Ali - Mehboob Mitha (C)

8) Lee Hazlewood and Ann Margret - Sleep in the Grass (L)

9) Doris Norton - Norton Apple Software (C)

10) Jameszoo - Flake (L)

11) Kleenex - Heidi's Head (C)

12) The Monkees - The Door into Summer (L)

13) African Black - Nzango (C)

14) Funkstörung Feat. Sensational - I Does It (L)

15) Steve Monite - Only You (Disco Jam) (C)

16) Wal Sant'ana - Que Vida Essa (L)

17) Celio Balona - Tema de Batman (C)

18) Leonard Nimoy - If I Had a Hammer (L)

19) Alain Boissanger - Crazy Girl Crazy Wold (C)

20) Brian Eno - St. Elmo's Fire (L)

21) Le Bois Sirop - Je Voudrais Danser Avec Toi (C)

22) The End - Cardboard Watch (L)

23) Roberto Conrado - Ticklish (C)

24) Mike Nesmith - Capsule (Hello People a Hundred Years from Now) (L)

25) Lantei Lamptey - Fish & Funjee (Koni Ke Kenan) (C)

26) Jean Pierre Decerf - Black Safari (L)

27) Soulwax - Masterplanned (C)

28) The Modern Lovers - Old World (L)



Muzak (L)

Resonance - OK Chicago

Alain Couraguer - Course De Ten

Ludovic Decosne, Pierre Daubresse et Oliver Natal - Gloaming

Raymond Guiot - Basse Duettino

Bernard Estardy - Riviera Express

Pierre-Alain Dahan et Mat Camison - Rhythmiques No.2

Andre Ceccarelli - Funk. No.2

Money Mark - No Fighting

Phil Spector - Bumbershoot

Sergio Ferraresi - Time of Machines

Parsley Sound - Spring's Near

Team Morale - Totoro

Luke Howard - Oculus

Santucci Scoppa - Tip Cat

Pete Moore - Steptoe and Son

back on air Sunday 13th May 7-9pm. do join us..