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Into The Music with Ian Pope #5 - 1970 Fifty Years On - 30/03/20

Into The Music with Ian Pope #5 - 1970 Fifty Years On - 30/03/20

March 30, 2020

On tonight's show Ian played a variety of classic and lesser known tracks from albums released 50 years ago:

Bob Dylan - If Not For You
Genesis - Dusk
Gentle Giant - Funny Ways
Jethro Tull - To Cry You A Song
Cat Stevens - Into White
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Vashti Bunyan - Rainbow River
Fotheringay - The Sea
The Band - Stage Fright
Bob Dylan - New Morning
Randy Newman - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
The Allman Brothers Band - Please Call Home
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Uriah Heep - Gypsy
Deep Purple - Speed King
Captain Beefheart - Lick Off My Decals, Baby
Frank Zappa - Theme From Burnt Weeny Samwich
Can - Deadlock
Amon Düül II - Eye Shaking King
Pink Floyd - Summer '68
Traffic - Glad
The Moody Blues - Question
George Harrison - What Is Life

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Culture As A Dare 27 March 2020

Culture As A Dare 27 March 2020

March 27, 2020

In which... just, you know, EVERYTHING.

To submit material for the online CAAD Fest, email The deadline is the end of April.

Dan Cooper - Made You A Tape (Snuff Shakespeare, Pineal Reverie)

Bulbils - Balloons / Marbles / Champ (4. Fossil, self-released)

Toxic Chicken - The Weird Life (Comfortable Music, self-released)

Model Village - Sorry (Healing Centre, self-released)

Alex Reed - Diagnosis: Dragon (MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT, self-released)

The Third Eye Foundation - The Blasted Tower (Wake The Dead, Ici, d'ailleurs…)

Michael Overdrive vs Ronny Turbo - Good God Yeah (Marks House EP, self-released)

Deep Cabaret - Real Reality featuring Justin Adams (Matchless, self-released)

Mezzotint - The Perfect Violence (Mezzotint, self-released)

Blanck Mass - Different Breed (Calm With Horses (Original Score), Invada Records)

The Dyr Sister - The Hoverfly (The Demonstration Extended Play #2, self-released)

Goblin - Suspiria (Suspiria, Cinevox Record)

dgoHn - Turnips Are OK (Undesignated Proximate, Love Love Records)

Es - Off The Rails (Less Of Everything, Upset The Rhythm)

Thom Lucero - Wind Rhythm featuring Miles Wintner and Ben Varian (Tokyo Days, self-released)

Royken Zomerdijk - Riot In The Ice Cream Van (Genre Defying Hits of Lyrical Genius - The Best Of...REMASTERED, self-released)

Hilary Woods - Cleansing Ritual (Birthmarks, Sacred Bones Records)

Planet 1999 - Party (Devotion, PC Music)

Dan DiFranco - Do Something You Love (Solo Piano) (single, self-released)

Loveless - Machines (KMN, self-released)

The Fear Ratio - Grey Code (They Can’t Be Saved, Skam Records)

Matmos - Cockles and Muscles (For Alan Turing, Vague Terrain)

Shitmat & his happy laptop - I Love Myself And I Want To Live (single, self-released)

SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#47 - 26-03-2020

SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#47 - 26-03-2020

March 26, 2020

.SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#47 - 26-03-2020.

Sterling Roswell Vortexion Valve Loop Decoder Project Research Facilty Stepney - Future Fun Dub Club Vintage Phaser Version
Spiral Galaxy - Axos
The Heliocentrics - Venom
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Ejection (Robert Calvert)
The Ullulators - Moonlight Ninja 2 Dub
The Pancakes - Greenwood Desert
Slift - Citadel On A Satellite
Nick Oliveri - Bleed Alright
Spiral Galaxy - Volo Bog
The Heliocentrics - People Wake Up!
Sterling Roswell Vortexion Valve Loop Decoder Project Research Facilty Stepney - Mictowave Beats Zero One
The Ullulators - Random Particle Dub (Run With The Lion)
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Ensemble 4 STRANGE BREW
Slift - Thousand Helmets Of Gold

Indie Night In - 25/3/2020

Indie Night In - 25/3/2020

March 25, 2020

Mr & Mrs & Ms J in attendance 

Cake - I Will Survive
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Essential Logic - Popcorn Boy
Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply
Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink
PJ Harvey - Good Fortune
Caribou - Home
Rustin Man - Kinky Living
Strokes - Hard to Explain
Elastica - Waking Up
Channel Tres - Jet Black
Orielles - Rapid I
Mudhoney - Touch Me I’m Sick
Nirvana - Lithium
Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye
Bratmobile - Panik
King Missile - Cheesecake Truck
Snuff - Purple Haze
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
Psychic TV - The Orchids
Psychic TV - Roman P
Pop Will Eat Itself - X, Y & Zee
Bikini Kill - RIP
Siouxsie and The Banshees - Christine
The Cure - Pictures Of You
The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Four Tet - Love Salad
Dandy Warhols - Sleep

The Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings & Zoe Howe - Clampdown!

The Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings & Zoe Howe - Clampdown!

March 23, 2020

The Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings & Zoe Howe : Clampdown

So, hatches are battened down on the Harbour Bazaar this month but we are brassing it out for you with a pearly of a show to keep you calm and carrying on!

Tunes, chat, news about online quarantine live sessions and Podrophenia’s Piley pop up in the second half to continue our shared Rock ‘N’ Babylon theme to talk about Sid and Nancy

Plus new music from Third Lung, a bold 80’s Zoe's Camembert Corner, A Glorious 60's Pop Moment from The Cadillacs, Onion based Kitchen Witchery (a forthcoming regular feature), Booker T tales, a Happy Birthday to Pete Wylie, bona larks and much more!

Apologies due to the temporary lockdown of the Railway Hotel Southend, home of Ship Full Of Bombs, we put the show together remotely over the wires which led to some technical problems that does not affect the music but some of the conversation levels are a bit crackly. Sorry about that but hope that doesn’t affect your enjoyment and rest assured we recorded in a socially responsible way - no humans met in the making of this show!

Follow The Harbour Bazaar on Twitter @harbourbazaar1 and The Harbour Bazaar

Ship Full Of Bombs broadcasting live from The Railway Hotel


Clampdown – The Clash

London Bye, Ta-Ta – David Bowie

Keep It To Yourself – Sonny Boy Williamson

Chickie Run – Homer Denison Jnr

Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

Your My Drug – Dukes Of Stratosphere

Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo) – Danny Kaye, The Andrews Sisters, Vic Schoen & His Orchestra

Better Use Your Head – Little Anthony & The Imperials

Desire – Third Lung

Name And Number – Curiosity Killed The Cat

Speedo – The Cadillacs

I Believe – Ian Dury & The Blockheads

C’Mon Everybody – Sex Pistols

Something Else – Sex Pistols

Accentuate The Positive – Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

Onions – John Lee Hooker

You Done Me Wrong – The Everly Brothers

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth – Sparks

Heart As Big As Liverpool – Pete Wylie

Getting Better – The Beatles

Diggin’ With Si Cheeba - Global Jazz Grooves : March 20th 2020

Diggin’ With Si Cheeba - Global Jazz Grooves : March 20th 2020

March 20, 2020

Diggin’ With Si Cheeba - Broadcast 20th March 2020 on Ship Full of Bombs Radio




01) Construction - MIKE WESTBROOK

02) Opening Titles - THE SORCERORS

03) Little Sunflower - FREDDIE HUBBARD

04) Just Give Me Time - MARK MURPHY


06) Soul Tripper - KAORA IIYOSHI & THE WIP

07) Season of the Witch - LOU RAWLS

08) Walk Tall - ESTHER MARROW


10) Felicidade Geral - JORGE MELLO

11) Madrugada - EDUARDO ARAUJO

12) Shining Knight - WILLIE ROSARIO

13) Big Fat Jaw - ANGEL & JOHNNY

14) Peter, Peter - PETE BONET

15) The New Breed - LOUIE RAMIREZ

16) Wrong Number - SONNY BRAVO

17) Getting Straight : dialogue :

18) Caged - GENE PAGE

19) New Shooter - JOHN WILLIAMS

20) The Spook Who Sat By the Door  - HERBIE HANCOCK


22) Into The Fire - WYNDER K FROG

23) Finally Found You Out - BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY

24) There Is a God Somewhere - ANDREW WARTTS and the GOSPEL STORYTELLERS


26) Mmm-Mmm-Mmm - DAVE LEWIS

27) Venne Di Terra - MARCO PERSICHETTI



Loud and Proud Ep 8 19 March 2020 with Dan Turpin, Ashley Edwards and Jordan Gray

Loud and Proud Ep 8 19 March 2020 with Dan Turpin, Ashley Edwards and Jordan Gray

March 20, 2020

Dan is joined by Ashley Edwards and Jordan Gray to talk about the online comedy series Transaction.

Zombie - The Cranberries
Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa
Desire - Years & Years
You Can't Hurry Love - Diana Ross and the Supremes
I Feel Like I'm In Love - Kelly Marie
I Love To Love - Tina Charles
Boys, Boys, Boys - Lady Gaga
Stupid Love - Lady Gaga
Reasons I Drink - Alanis Morrisette
Funking For Jamaica - Tom Browne
It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys
We Built This City - Starship



Vapour Trails - Episode 10 16/03/2020

Vapour Trails - Episode 10 16/03/2020

March 16, 2020

Welcome to Vapour Trails episode 10

All people are now dangerous: Fact!

Only listen to this show in isolation but do share it with others – it’s how these things spread. Stay away from everyone until the alarm bells stop and remember:

Forget Everything You Know! It’s now officially all wrong.


Track Listing:

The Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra (feat. The Glitterhouse) - Barbarella  

The Divine Comedy – Something For The Weekend

Jimmy Campbell – On a Monday

Savages - Evil

Graham Coxon – Beautiful Bad

The Specials – Blank Expression

Bauhaus – Kick in The Eye

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound  

Norma Tanega – You’re Dead

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Portishead - Numb

The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Alabama 3 – Ain’t Goin’ To Goa

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Reverance

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Ground Zero

Gorillaz (feat. Shaun Ryder) – Dare

The Meters – Hey Pocky A-way

Stockard Channing – There Are Worse Things I Could Do (from Grease: The OST)

Joan As Policewoman – Warning Bell

Scott Lavene – Someplace New

Elliott Smith – Between the Bars

Talk Talk – I Believe in You

SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#46 - 15-03-2020

SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#46 - 15-03-2020

March 15, 2020

..SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#46 - 15-03-2020..

Al Lover - Synthesis
Psychic TV - Re-United (Andrew Weatherall Remix-4)
TENGGER - Achime
AHRKH - Pralaya
Temple Ov Saturn - Dedication
Al Lover - Transcendence
AHRKH - Paramita
Radar Men From The Moon - Eden In Reverse
Karma Sheen - The Magician
The Pancakes - Dark Nights In The City
Solar Corona - Watt


Culture as a Dare March 13th 2020

Culture as a Dare March 13th 2020

March 13, 2020

Slum of Legs - Benetint & Malevolence

Handle - Vocal Exercises

PUDDING oO - Sweet Dill

Zoë Mc Pherson - Growth (monk report)

Nice Legs - Human Ears

Caio Falcão - Uma Vez Mais

Širom - A Washed out Boy Taking Fossils from a Frog Sack

Sonido Gallo Negro - La Danza de los Diablos

Weird Garden - Yumah - Time to Shine


Music in Detention - Fly Away Home

music in Detention - Kurdish Love Song

Music in Detention (Roshi) - Love From Syria


R. Weis - Shattering Light

Mismatched socks - Palatial

Gargle – Presage

Mongo Kanoni, Oma Sheriff & Mean Dartin – in the Ghetto

The Tumbledryer Babies – Night

Hindustani Classical Vocal_ Lage Lage Re Sanvaliya - In Raga Multani

Myshiuno - Created A Monster

Katie Geraldine O’Neill – Dream River – Katie’s mix is on my next show, 10th April GOOD FRIDAY not Palm Sunday as I stupidly say in the show.

Bardo Pond – Long Ride

LamummiaEh – La Mummia Nesyamun

Toxic Chicken - England

Gutter snipe – Facility of Parasitism

Matt Elliott – Something About Ghosts – The Matt Elliott gig is actually 31st March not whenever I said on air.