The James and Stuart Show 3rd October 2016

October 3, 2016
James Tanner joined Stuart on the show tonight to share their love of all things metal.

Ufomammut - Sulphurdew
Earthmass - Divergence
Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few
Black Sabbath - Under The Sun
Mistress - Earth Died Screaming
Entombed - Left Hand Path
God Among Insects - A Gush of Blood
Decomposed - At Rest
Bolt Thrower - World-Eater 
At The Gates - The Architects
The Haunted - Bury Your Dead
Nuclear Assault - F#
Slayer - Skeletons of Society
Anthrax - Indians
Ministry - Stigmata 
G.G.F.H. - Fiending Korpse
Watchmaker - Falling Upwards
Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
Phantom Winter - Wraith War
BlackTusk - Red Eyes, Black Skies