The Dunce Confederacy with Tom Burgess, Micky Denny and guest Brendan O’Hare

June 26, 2017

All characterisations written and devised by Mark Lancaster.


The Dunce Confederacy starred :


Tom Burgess as Hungover Englishman #1

Micky Denny as Hungover Englishman #2


and introducing Brendan O'Hare as Supercillious Scotsman. 


Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely coincidental.


All songs chosen by the cast.


Pink Cadillac - Calvin Johnson (Tom)
Rooftops - The Bats (Tom)

Wicky Wacky - The Fatback Band (Micky)
I Almost Prayed - The Weather Prophets (Micky)
The Street - Chico Hamilton (Micky)

Clay Bodies - Zola Jesus (Tom)
Tooth Decay - Mark Wynn (Tom)
Caroline - Bone Zeno (Tom)

Problem Child - TYhe Damned (Micky)
Night Water - MG Boulter (Micky)
Rocket USA - Suicide (Micky)

Shades Of Failure - Pog (Tom)
Winter Makes Me Want You More - Darren Hayman (Tom)
Tell Me What To Do - Tumbledryer Babies (Tom)

Nineteenth Century Man - Can (Micky)
It Don't Bother Me - Bert Jansch (Micky)
She Bought A Hat Like Princess Maria - The Kinks (Micky)

Springboard - Famous Times (Tom)
Back In The Night - The Wave Pictures (Tom)
Don't Look Back (Acoustic Version) - Teenage Fanclub (Tom)

Tragedy - The Bats (Micky)
I'm Alright With You - The Pastels (Micky)
Crazy Rhythms - The Feelies (Micky)

Jesusfreaks - Baby In Vain (Tom)
My Big Star - Boyfriend (Tom)
It Ain't Me Babe - Sebastian Cabot (Tom)