The Dunce Confederacy - 16/10/17 - with Tom Burgess and Brendan O’Hare

October 16, 2017

No Andrew this month so Tom and Brendan had more records top play. 

Pink Moon - Nick Drake (Tom)
Fire and Wine - Anne Briggs (Tom)
Pretty Polly - Shirley Collins (Tom)

Tell Me What To Do - Tumbledryer Babies (Tom)
Free Again - Benjamin Gibhard (Tom)
Ear Worm Song - Clint Boon Experience (Tom)

Gonna Make You A Star - David Essex (Brendan)
Xanadu - Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton-John (Brendan)
Rockin' Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Around The Christmas Tree - Foghorn Leghorn (Brendan)

Birth School Work death - The Godfathers (Brendan)
Witchi Ta To - Harpers Bazaar (Brendan)
Innuit - Holy Fuck (Brendan)

Famous Times - Springboard (Tom)
The Lord By The Northern Sea - Tom Paley (Tom)
I Like Winter - The Rockingbirds (Tom)

Being Boiled - Human League (Brendan)
Railway Hotel - Mike Batt (Brendan)
Dreamer - Supertramp (Brendan)

Dressed Up In You - God Help The Girl (Tom)
Disco Light (Demo) - Teenage Fanclub (Tom)
Tom Courtenay - Yo La Tengo (Tom)

Free Falling - Moog Cookbook (Brendan)
Sowing Seeds - Jesus And Mary Chain (Brendan)
cheksea Dagger - The Fratellis (Brendan)

Bela Lugosi - Severed Limb (Tom)
Beer Gynt - Tuppney Bunters (Tom)
To Heaven And Back - Baby In Vain (Tom)

Don't Point At The Stoners - Deathray Davis (Brendan)
Shampoo - Durr (Brendan)

Fast And Dangerous - Iron Bastards (Tom)