The Dunce Confederacy 05/02/2018

February 5, 2018

Micky is risen. 


Rickity - Yo La Tengo (Tom)
Sugar For The Pill - Slowdive (Tom)
Blindspot - Ghost Music (Tom)

White Light, White Heat - Velvet Underground (Brendan)
Dino - Harmonia (Brendan)
My Friend Goo - Sonic Youth (Brendan)
In And Out Of Grace - Mudhoney (Brendan)

English Scheme - The Fall (Micky)
New Face In Hell - The Fall
The Drover - Bill Callaghan (Micky)

Springboard - Famous Times (Tom)
Till Something Better Comes Along - The Rockingbirds (Tom)
Every Beat of My Heart - Danny & The Champions of the World

Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em Theme - Ronnie Hazelhurst (Brendan)
Junior - Motor Cycle (Brendan)
Friends In Danger - Magic Dirt (Brendan)
Monster Pussy - Vaselines (Brendan)

Elastic Seal - Duds (Micky)
Tragedy - The Bats (Micky)
Baker Street - Mr Yolk (Micky)

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Flaming Lips (feat Miley Cyrus) (Tom)
Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kites - The Beatles (Tom)
A Day In The Life - The Fall (Tom)

Balamory Theme (Brendan)
Soft In The Face - Soup Dragons (Brendan)
Orbling - Scatter (Brendan)

Philosophy Of The World - The Shaggs (Micky)
La la Love You - Pixies (Micky)