Ship Full of Bombs

The Dave and Stuart Show 8th August 2016

August 8, 2016
Tweets to tonight show included:
'Tight Show'
'It was so soothing earlier, what happened?'
'Leave my mum out of it!'

Matt Karmil - Crystals
Tin Man - VerityAcid
Aris Kindt - Every New Thing
Ñaka Ñaka - 004000
Erika and Jay - Water Witch
Mind Against - LongBrightDark
Kerridge - WIAGW
Audion - Destroyer
In Aeternam Vale – B
Ancient Methods - Build on Scars
dscrd - Watch and Punish
Ancient Methods - German Love
JK Flesh - Nothing is Free (Surgeon Remix)
Jlin - Abnormal Restrictions
Floating Points - Sais