August 7, 2018

Episode 157: Fgurehead Live at the Railway and Madonna's 60th

What an amazing night . . .

Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism - Yonderbou

Soul Train - Just Loud ft Debbie Harry

La Isla Bonita - Jonathan Wilson

Borderline - The Flaming Lips

Into The Groovey - Sonic Youth

High/Low Tide - Fgurehead

Puddleduck - Fgurehead (live in session)

The Liar Lying Low - Fgurehead (live in session)

The Light - James Alexander Bright

Gun - Gil Scott Heron

60 Minutes Of Your Love - Homer Banks

Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) - Carla Thomas

Lucky Star - Madonna 

Seraphym - Curtis Maldoon

Ray Of Light - Madonna

Hourglass/Frozen - Fgurehead (live in session)

Interlude - Fgurehead (live in session)

Try Your Luck - Confidence Man

Music - Madonna

Into The Groove - Madonna

Live To Tell - Madonna


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