Ship Full of Bombs

SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#41 - 24-11-2019

November 24, 2019

..SONIC ASYLUM - Ship Full of Bombs Session#41 - 24-11-2019..

Andrew Weatherall - Blue Bullet
10 000 Russos - It Grows Under
The Cosmic Dead - Ursa Major
George Clinton - Get Yo Ass In The Water And Swim Like Me (Extended Vocal)
Frankie Teardrop Dead - Trapped
Mark Stewart - The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum
Dark Matter Halo with Bill Laswell - Caravan To The Stars
Twink - Moths & Locusts - Witches Of Love
Astral Chill - Flow Fundamentals
Weird Owl - Phantom Physician
Bonnacons of Doom - Solus (JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
The Orange Kyte - Masquerade!
The Young Sinclairs - In This Room
The Cosmic Dead - Scottish Space Race
Astral Chill - Leave No Trace