Podrophenia - March Madness

March 16, 2017

Piley and Mondo play nutty covers, eccentric instrumentals and odd album tracks. They were joined by Grant Philpott for his mentalist mash-ups and insider TV chat. The playlist was:

Mae West - Great Balls Of Fire (Piley)
The New Cookbook - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Mondo)
Lil Lost Lou - He Put A Hook In Me (Piley)
Mystic Voyage - Roy Ayres/Pam Ayres mash up (Grant)
Petula Clark - I'm Not In Love (Mondo)
Jackie Lee - Rupert (Piley)
Smiths Mash Up Mix (Mark E Smith vs Jimmy Smith) (Grant)
Lisa Jardim - Energy In Northampton (Mondo)
War Of The Words mash up (Grant)
Hugo Strasser - Silver Machine (Mondo)
Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl (Piley)
Reginald Bosanquet - Dance With Me (Mondo)

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