Ship Full of Bombs

Podrophenia - Live, Unlocked & Lucky Dips - June 2001

June 3, 2021
Behold just a few tunes from our recent *LIVE* Podrophenia - in which we bring you a double whammy of themes (any guesses from the pic?). There are new tunes from LOUDwomen, Eight Rounds Rapid, The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost and Buskr...
Sonically we take you from a streaking themed instrumental album, to Middle Eastern funk a reggae refit of a Carpenters classic to the vocal (and original) version of Leone's spaghetti western theme..

Apex Manor - Asked and Answered

Mr Jukes - Vibrate

Joe Bataan - Keep the Change

Joel Sarakula - Sunshine

Loud Women - Reclaim These Streets

Eight Rounds Rapid - Ageing Athlete

Holly Cook - Superstar

Wanda Jackson - Whirlpool

Peter Tevis - Pastures of Plenty

Wolf Alice - Smile

Ramano - Fella Juicy 

The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost - Slow Down

Jean-Claude Pelletier - No Tax for Streakers

The Ethiopians - Sufferer 

Buskr - Numbers and Codes 

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