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Podrophenia Every Record Tells More Stories - with Steve Carr

October 22, 2020


He's back - and he's brought his new book with him. Steve Carr makes his third appearance in the pod, choosing tunes, relating R 'n' R tales and handy tips for the vinyl buyer (wood glue and toothpicks anyone?) taken from the freshly pressed volume Every Record Tells a Story

And a bonus quiz - Blue or False. Is it a real Blue Oyster Cult title or Fake Blues


John Lennon with Cheap Trick – I’m Losing You
Our Mutual Friend – The Divine Comedy
Try Matty’s – Aretha Franklin
I Did You No Wrong – Axl Rose & Steve Jones
In The Ghetto (Take 13) – Elvis Presley
Walk On Gilded Splinters – Cher
Love The One Your With – The Isley brothers
Superstition – Beck, Bogart, Appice, Stevie Wonder
Perfect – Sean Burke
They Came The Last Day Of May – Blue Oyster Cult
Miss Shapiro – 801
T.U.S.A – Masters Of Reality
Lost Chance - Soft Cell

Every Record Tells A Story by Steve Carr

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