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Podrophenia - 150th Show/Blow Up Special - 11.04.2019

April 11, 2019

On their 150th show, Mondo and Piley introduced Paul Tunkin head honcho of Blow Up Records and Club - ahead of the Blow Up Easter special at the Railway Hotel. The playlist included the main artists from the Blow Up roster, including an exclusive first play of David Woodcock's new single. James and Joe from Stackfest gave us the lowdown on this year's festival lineup. The playlist featured:

Alfa 9 - When The Lights Go Out
Carla Thomas & Otis Redding - Tramp
David Woodcock - Same Thing
Leo C - Nothing Nothing

Bernard Estardy - Vertigo Leitmotif
Bobbie Gentry - Big Boss Man
Stereo Total - Everybody In The Discoteque (I Hate)
Animal Magnet - Welcome To The Monkey House

David Woodcock - Fixtures & Fittings
Usselman - Wolf
Steve Hooker - The Old Testament of Love

The Bongolian - Boudica Rides Again
Big Boss Man - Sea Groove
Eight Rounds Rapid - Britain's Got Talent (live)
Baltic Fleet - Headless Heroes
Alfa 9 - Movida Theme

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