Ship Full of Bombs

OTW 55

October 21, 2019

Belters aplenty tonight from a fittingly doom ladened playlist. A sign of the times we hear you cry. Never fear, we’ll pepper it with some pure joy as always. No Nick tonight as he’s galavanting, so it’ll be twice as loud and twice as heavy in his absence. 


All That Matters Is The Moments – The Comet Is Coming, Joshua Idehen

WIEM Breast Tax – COLOSSAL SQUID, Melt Yourself Down

トラップ – mouse on the keys

Anasickmodular – Floating Points

Death Sequence iii – The Physics House Band, Stewart Lee

Stikki – Joshua Blackmore

Lactic Tang – Alarmist

Ducter – black midi

Squirrel Song – Shellac

To Hell with Good Intentions – Mclusky

Career-Minded Individual – Enablers

Stolen – ISIS, Aereogramme

Sof – Ore

Troubled Air – Sunn 0)))

The Botanist – Sleep

Erosion always wins – François J. Bonnet, Stephen O'Malley

凶兆 – 勝井祐二

Sinking Ship – Jan Bang

Cut 3 – Viridian

Waiting – Bowditch

Santa Teresa – EOB

Gently - n/a