Otherwires 38

November 20, 2017

A foreshortened episode of Otherwires this month owing to some technical gremlins, but definitely making up for it once underway. Album of the month is from Ill Considered, plus the usual roundup of jazz, electronica and post-everything.

Ansumana - Susso

When did you stop loving me - Jeff Parker

Building Bridges - Ill Considered

Purchase - Noveller

Low Light - Soundcarriers

Don't blame yourself - Chaz Bundick meets the Mattson 2

Weight Off - Badbadnotgood

All Ears - Mette Henriette

Dawn Lit Metropolis - Ill Considered

Godzilla - Vels Trio

Voyager - The colours that rise

Cosmic Patience - Gilad Hekselman

Sea Wall - Hans Zimmer