Ship Full of Bombs

Library of Aethers- 17/10/19

October 17, 2019

Featuring Live Sessions from Tartine De Clous and Jason Steel from the Fishermans Chapel.

Reyardine- Archie Fisher
The Pretty Ploughboy - Walter Pardon

Lor Batche/ Lor Children - Roshi feat. Pars Radio
Zeeba Kenar/ Beautiful Corner - Roshi feat. Pars Radio
When You're Weary - Emily Portman
Dingle Regatta; Father Kelly's jig - The High Level Ranters
The Lakes of Pontchartrain - Planxty

Meadow - Espers
Painbirds- Sparklehorse
Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull

True Love (For Daniel)- Jason Steel
Amaro Parano Jaha Chay- ANandi Bhattcharya

Tartine De Clous 20 mins
Sal Let Me Chew Your Rosin - The Skillet-Lickers
La Danse de la Limonade - Mrs. Rodney Fruge
Vigilante Man - Ry Cooder

Come Write Me Down, Ye Powers Above- The Copper Family
Byker Hill - The Young Tradition
Dawn of Time -Ore
As I Came in by Huntly Town- Alisdair Roberts