Ship Full of Bombs

Library Of Aethers - 07/03/2019

March 7, 2019

With Micky Denny playing live and songs about animals and birds.

Spotted Cow - Harry Cox

Wild Hog in the Woods - The Furrow Collective
The Magpie's Nest - Jane Kelly
Sabeyalo Mi Agontze - Le Voix Bulgares
Rosebuds in June - Sproatly Smith

Micky Denny
Deeper Oceans

Blackbird Stars - Ghost Music
The Innocent Hare - Ron and Bob Copper
The Innocent Hare - Rapunzel and Sedayne

Hares on the Mountain - Shirley Collins
The Hares on the Mountain - Ernest Austin
Whole Heap of Horses - Anna and Elizabeth
Fine Horseman - Lal Waterson
The Geese are flying Westward - Bill Fay

Micky Denny
Dandelion Snow
Going Across the Mountains
Roving Ploughboy
Sammy's Barbirds

Lark in the morning - Jackie Oates
Lark in the Clear Air - Billy Pig
Bird in the Bush - Anne Briggs
Ollerton Hunt - Dave Hillary

Gift of Weeping _ Alex Rex
Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed - Silver Jews