Junkshop Jukebox Episode 40 - Leigh Folk Festival Preview - June 2018

June 19, 2018

Tonight, Paul Collier played a number of tracks by artists appearing at this weekend's Leigh Folk Festival. Full details are available at http://leighfolkfestival.com/

The playlist was as follows:

Intro: One More Night - Can

Let's Go baby - Robert Parker
Joe Meek Warns Buddy Holly - Thomas Traux
Last Days of Summer - Angel & The Melodyhorns
Countryside - Men Diamler
Trout en me Promenant - Tartine de Clous, with Alasdair Roberts & Neil McDermott
Trembling Sky - Bridport Dagger

Farewell Sorrow (Leigh Folk Festival version) - Alasdair Roberts
At Home With The Creature (Credits from 'If You Know, Tell') - Markers
Honey In The Rock - Mary Hampton
Cantiga de Santa Maria/Bourree - Emily Askew Band

Over and Over Again - Stick in the Wheel
Problem Hair Treatment for Ladies - T-Bitch
The Dun Broon Bride - Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness
Hexe - Mein Haus
Apache - Robert Sunday

Heliocentric Sun Worship - Masal
On Earth Bellows - Tom James Scott
Song for Eve - Hold Music
I Possibly Am Again - Circle/Temple
March, March, The Morning Sun - MarisaJackandDavy

Low Down in the Broom - Gemma Khawaja
Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960 - Brian Eno
Bells of Dunwich - Stone Angel
La Cathedrale Engloutie - Claude Debussy, Monique Haas (piano)

Outro: Pogles Walk - Vernon Elliott Ensemble