Junkshop Jukebox - 07/11/2017 with guest Nick Dart from Hi 4 Head Records.

November 16, 2017

Paul Collier is joined by Hi 4 Head Records supremo Nick Dart for a chat and to play some music.


On Reflection - Trevor Watts & Peter Knight (Paul)

Tales Of Sadness - Amalgam (Nick)

Triennale - C Joynes & the Dead Rat Orchestra (Paul)

Air - Third Ear (Nick)

Two Heads - Jefferson Airplane (Paul)

Keep On Truckin' - Hot Tuna (Nick)

What's That Smells Like Fish? - Blind Boy Fuller (Paul)

Penguin In Bondage - Frank Zappa (Nick)

Earth Angel - The Penguins (Paul)

I Never Glid Before - Gong (Nick)

Tjatrik - Unknown Javanese Gamelan Musiciians (Paul)

Times - Tony Oxley (Nick)

Dubbing The Observer - Observer All Stars 7 King Tubby's (Paul)

The Dance of the Sheer Joy of it All - Keith Tippett Octet (Nick)

Johnny Can't Dance - Beausoleil (Paul)

Dreaming of Paris - Van Dyke Parks (NIck)

Cosima - Joanna Newsome (Paul)

She's Beyond Good and Evil - The Pop Gropu (Nick)

Live Beetle Jew's Harp - Wam Tribe of Papua New Guinea (Paul)

(And the) Pictures in the Sky - Medicine Head (Nick)

Tzima N'Arki - Eno, Moebius & Roedelius (Paul)

Ride of the Valkyries - Andy Mackay (Nick)

Wagner's Ring in One Minute - David Bedford (Paul)