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Into The Music with Ian Pope #19 - 1971, 50 years on Part 2 - 29.03.2021

March 29, 2021

In the second part of his appreciation of the classic music of the year 1971, Ian played:

ELP - Are You Ready Eddy?

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
Pink Floyd - Pillow of Winds
CAN - Mushroom
Elton John - Madman Across The Water

The Rolling Stones - Sway 
Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee
Alice Cooper - Desperado
The Doors - The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)

Deep Purple - The Mule
Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
The Groundhogs - Cherry Red
Wishbone Ash - The Pilgrim

Procol Harum - Memorial Drive
Yes - Long Distance Runaround
Curved Air - Puppets
Gentle Giant - Edge of Twilight

Jethro Tull - Cross-Eyed Mary
Focus - Focus II
Audience - Jackdaw
Genesis - The Fountain of Salmacis

The Who - The Song is Over

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