Ship Full of Bombs

Indie Night In - Cure Special - 18/11/20

November 18, 2020   - How The End Always Is

Dinosaur Jr - Just Like Heaven
The Cure - Jumping Someone Else's Train
The Cure - M
The Cure - I'm Cold 
Gate Master - Love Cats
Tricky - Love Cats
The Cure - Hey You 
The Cure - Let’s Go To Bed. 
65daysofstatic - Come To Me (ft. Robert Smith)
The Cure - One More Time
The Cure - The Caterpillar
Glowy Rivers - In Your House
The Cure - Shake Dog Shake
The Wedding Present - High 
The Cure - Push
Sieben - Lullaby
The Cure - Why Can't I Be You? (extended version) 
The Cure - A Forest 
Robert Smith - There's A Girl In The Corner
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
The Cure - Primary
Krystal Trippz & Alastair - 100 Years
The Cure - Lovesong
Yo La Tengo - Friday, I’m in Love
Pettaluck - Close to Me



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