Indie Night In 1/8/2018

August 1, 2018

Bit peaky on the mic - apologies, but the tunes are first rate.

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun
The La's - There she goes
Weezer - Undone

Jesus Lizard - Puss
Zu Zu’s Petals - Jackal
Urusei Yatsura - Plastic Ashtray

DJ Khalab - Black Noise 2084
DJ Khalab - Father and Grandpa - Gabie Dabir
DJ Khalab - Black Noise - Tenesha The Wordsmith
DJ Khalab - Bafia - Tamar Osborn

Ty Segall & White Fence ‎– Joy
A4 Body Behavior
B10 Other Way
B11 Prettiest Dog
B12 Do Your Hair

Johnny Thunders - Pirate Love

Gazelle Twin - Hobby Horse
Jesus and Mary Chain - Far Gone and Out

Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Radio Birdman - Descent Into the Maelstrom

Bill Haley And His Comets - Thirteen Women

The Hives - Main Offender
Redd Kross - Trance
The Bomb Party - Harry the Babysitter

Shimshon Miel - Amsterdam Experience
Black Line - Losing You

Lord Numb - Insects
Alien - Chrome Node 1

Dai-X vs Lord Numb
the rematch!