Ship Full of Bombs

Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings & Zoë Howe : Out Of Time 21/03/21

March 22, 2021
Join us for a future past Harbour Bazaar with our OUT OF TIME themed show! It's a carnival of odds, ends, where's and when's plus Tracks in and out of kilter from The Raincoats, Dutch Uncles, Stump, Dion, A No Good Woman, Tiger Lilies, Cupid's Inspiration and new music from Some Eyes!
Along the way outstanding tales of dangerous puppetry, panto octopus , oompah mariachi, wimp music and the parallel world of Tiny Grimes!
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Devil Train – The Ramblers

Balloonacy – The Raincoats

Buffalo – Stump

Tuba’s In The Moonlight – The Bonzo Dog Band

Jumper On the Line – A No Good Woman & The Kingsnakes

No One Knows - The Divine Comedy

No One Knows - Queen Of The Stone Age

Fascination – Alphabeat

Yesterday Has Gone – Cupid’s Inspiration

Leave Without Runnin’ – Son Of Dog

Daddy Rollin’ – Dion

Babymaking – Dutch Uncles

New Wage – Some Eyes

Keep Washing My Hands – The Tiger Lillies

Belleville Rendez Vous – M

Hey Now – Tiny Grimes & His Rocklin’ Highlanders


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