Ship Full of Bombs

Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings & Zoe Howe : INNER SPACE

July 26, 2020

Harbour Bazaar eases towards the end of lockdown with our exploration of INNER SPACE! With tracks and choices of introspection, exploration and consideration plus featured new music from BEARCRAFT with their new album FABREFACATIONS plus detours via blancmange & biscuit dreams, Alice  Puffing Billy, esperanto lessons, spa larks with Harry Champion and a classic in Zoe's Camembert Corner


Plus music from Luke Haines, a Beach Boys v Walker Brothers In My Room off, The Waitresses, VU, Karen Dalton, The Electric Prunes, Chris Montez and many more...!


We have a hoot and hope you enjoy!


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Many thanks



Hippy Drippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man - The Hubbles

In My Own Dream - Karen Dalton

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - The Electric Prunes

In My Room - The Beach Boys

In My Room - The Walker Brothers

No Guilt - The Waitresses

Slumber - Bearcraft

Garden - C Duncan

Lawnmower - Sparks

Connected - Stereo MC's

Boiled Beef & Carrots - Harry Champion

Quiet Nights Of Quiet  Stars - Chris Montez

Sometimes I Dream Of Glue - Luke Haines

She Was Ripe As A Meadow - Luke Haines

Darkness - The Police

Astral Plane - The Modern Lovers

Outside In The Morning Snow - Bearcraft

Beginning To See The Light - The Velvet Underground