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Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings : The Home Blues Kit

January 7, 2019

A Happy You Year from the Harbour Bazaar with a hootin' and a hollerin' show from the archives this month as we get down and dirty with our Home Blues Kit! We will be hitching our tent to the sixties British blues rock caravan and checking the inspirations, the pioneers, telling the stories and playing the tunes from the big names to beyond!

Broadcast live from The Railway Hotel our CLASSIC ALBUM this month will be pioneering S.F SORROW by THE PRETTY THINGS.

WHATS IN A LABEL will feature the history, artists and finest tunes released by TRACK RECORDS, home of the The Who, Hendrix, Marsha Hunt, John's Children and many more

Delighted to have live music from THE KINGSNAKES & A NO GOOD WOMAN who will be joining in the studio to play some songs, catch up on the current scene and raising the roof with their brand of soulful Southend Delta Blues.

Plus a special interview with John Hellier, from Darlings Of Wapping Wharf, home of the Steve Marriot estate, to discuss our Classic Album and its place in history and to update on current Pretty Things action!

And a welcome return to Harbour Bazaar for Matt McNamara, fine guitarist from The Phrogs who will be sharing his GUEST CHOICES FROM CHOICE GUESTS

Southend has always had a reputation as an R n B town with The Railway Hotel, home of Ship Full Of Bombs, as the current centre of the scene..tune in and find out why!


Pretty Thing - Bo Diddley

Rosalyn - The Pretty Things

Louise - The Yardbirds

Shapes Of Things - Jeff Beck

Midnight Sun - GOASST

Ah Soul - Brunning Sunflower Blues Band

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl - The Kingsnakes & A No Good Woman LIVE

Wrong Bus - Sun Of Buff

 CLASSIC ALBUM - SF Sorrow by The Pretty Things

SF Sorrow Is Born 

Baron Saturday 

She Says Good Morning

Loneliest Man 

Stepping Out - John Mayers Bluesbreakers

Got You On My Mind - The Kingsnakes & A No Good Woman LIVE

Stray Cat Blues - The Rolling Stones

WHATS IN A LABEL - Track Records

Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

Magic Bus - The Who

Desdemona - Johns Children

Keep The Customer Satisfied - Marsha Hunt

 Mystic Eyes - Them

Don't Bring Me Down - David Bowie

Aint Never Loved A Man - The Kingsnakes & A No Good Woman LIVE

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