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Harbour Bazaar with Steven Hastings : New Polish Underground & Jolene LIVE

July 4, 2018

As diverse as ever on the Bazaar this month and delighted to be co-hosting with writer & musician JULIAN MARSZALEK sharing and exploring new music from the vibrant Polish underground bands, labels, festivals and scenes! As well live in the studio the exceptional multi-instrumentalist HIPPY JOE HYMAS from bluegrass rockers Hayseed Dixie and vocalist JOLENE MISSING playing songs from their new album THE LEAVES OF LIFE that draws heavily on the roots of traditional English folk!

Plus Owen's Proustian Rush, Cover Uncovered, New from The Oh Sees, a Glorious Sixties Pop Moment and music from Kaleidoscope, The Byrds, Hungarian psych-funk from Neoton and much more!

Egyptian Garden - Kaleidoscope
Pretty Polly - The Byrds
LIVE The Railroad Boy -  Jolene
Solaris Pt 3&4 - Lonker See
Memory Dome - Zimpel Ziolek
Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap - Hayseed Dixie
LIVE House Carpenter - Jolene
Angi - Davy Graham
Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys - The Equals
I Want My Minute Back - Snapped Ankles
Nehez Fiuk - Neoton
Memory Dome - Zimpel Ziolek
Balwan - Pure Phase Ensemble
Enrique El Cobradar - Oh Sees
Jolly New Song - Trupa Trupa
Blackout (Live) - David Bowie
LIVE Let No Man Steal Your Time - Jolene


Lonker See


Pure Phase Ensemble

Trupa Trupa


OFF Festival

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