Ship Full of Bombs

Fresh As… Railway Hotel Special (Part 1)

April 12, 2021

First half of a very special show to celebrate our spiritual (and for many years, physical) home, The Railway Hotel.

Every single tune is by pub regulars at some point in time. Please check out their links and buy more!


The songs:

The Virgo Intacta - Junk Girls With Wet Hair
Should be available from if you really harass them. Go on, give ‘em a really hard time about it.


Phillious Williams - Oh Ma Old Love


Lucy O’Driscoll - Gone

Sophie Burrows - Bing Bing Bing Song

Corn Fed - Hard Times

Those Men - Razor Farm


The Seasiders - Viva La Friday Night

D-66 - Caroline


Wobbly Lamps - She Wants Me Dead


Son of Buff - Safe Southern Home


The Phrogs - Did I Ching?

Rosalie Cunningham - Number 149


No Good Woman & The Kingsnakes - Jumper On The Line

Blue Vinyl Island - Evelyn


Darren Jones - As Far As She Goes

Chris Davison - Antidote To Rock & Roll


Angel & The Melodyhorns - Beautiful Friend


The Long Run - Hear My Train


Owen Williams - It’s a Worry


Jackson Sloan - Can’t Find a Way


Martin McNeill - I’m On Your Side


Lazy Lester & West Weston’s Bluesonics - Sugar Coates Loves

Ruben Caruana - Up on the Roof

Russ Strutter - Over The Moon


Red House Groove Band - Honey For The Bears


Mo’ Fingers - Time Is Tight
Mail order from:


The Baseys - House of Bamboo

The Beatniks - 'Cc (Love Surprise)


The Seasiders - Don’t Like Yours Much

The Sproketts - Well Respected Man

Tuppenny Bunters - Barmaid Song


Lew Lewis - Win or Lose

Steve Hooker - Sugar Devil


Wilko Johnson - Marijuana


Cusack - Never Get To Heaven

Jamie Parisio - Macassa ’57


Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers - Little Rock


Archimedes - You Can and You Will


Petty Phase - Different For Girls


Eight Rounds Rapid - Channel Swimmer

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