Ship Full of Bombs

Fresh As… Episode 7: A Fab Sunday Morning?

December 22, 2020

For over a decade the Sunday before Christmas at The Railway Hotel would be marked by the Annual Beatles Convention, a day where everyone would pick a handful of their favourite songs (no repeats!) and give them a play. 

As this wasn't an option this year, we felt this was needed to fill the void.


The Magical Mystery Tour (alternate version)

Aerial Tour Instrumental (Flying) Take 8

Like Dreamers Do (Rejected Decca Demo)

Help! (Take 1)

And I Love Her

Two of Us (Naked) 

Solider of Love (Live at the BBC)

Penny Lane

Fool on the Hill (Take 1)

Savoy Truffle (for Steve Taylor)

Hey Bulldog

If I Needed Someone

Strawberry Fields Forever (selected demos and work in progress)

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (for Robin Ince)

For No One

It’s Only Love

Martha My Dear

I’m Only Sleeping (for George O'Hare)

Act Naturally


Back In The USSR

A very Beatley Christmas Present from Daryl Easlea

I Feel Fine (Live at the BBC)

I’ll Follow The Sun

You Won’t See Me

Oh! Darling 

John Lennon - Jealous Guy

Baby, You’re A Rich Man (for Duglas T Stewart)

Paul McCartney - Singalong Junk

Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? (for Jon Monk)

John Lennon - Ain’t That A Shame

Michelle (for Jennifer Taylor)

George Harrison - Beware of Darkness

I Will (for Jo O'Hare)

Revolution (Escher Sessions)

She’s Leaving Home (for Liz and Genevieve)

Only a Northern Song (for Robyn Hitchcock)


Wings - Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me) (for Phill Jupitus)

All Things Must Pass (studio chat/work in progress)

I Me Mine (for Barry Sinclair)

Paul McCartney - Seize the Day

Ringo Starr - Photograph

I Call Your Name (for Dave Collins)

Hold Me Tight

George Harrison - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Something - A work in progress (from Let It Be Sessions)

Get Back (Apple Rooftop, first performance)

A Day In The Life

Tuppenny Bunters - Carnival of Light

All Things Must Pass

Ram On! (for Lily Bond)

The End

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