Ship Full of Bombs

Fresh As… Railway Hotel Special (Part 2)

April 12, 2021

Second half (listen to part one here) of a very special show to celebrate our spiritual (and for many years, physical) home, The Railway Hotel.

Every single tune is by pub regulars at some point in time. Please check out their links and buy more!


The songs:

Dave Dulake - Welcome Home Prezzie


The Hillmisters - Stars


Melodiegroup - Disappointed (But Not Surprised)


Rocket Ship TV - Always On My Side


MilkBoys - Milkboy of Alcatraz


Dark Globes - Do What You Want


Happy Hooves - New Designs


The Penny Antics - Shimmer


High/Low - Sleepwalker


T-BItch - Devil in a Black Dress


The Anti Newley League - The Scene

The Voronas - I Love My Monsters

Howling Black Soul - Another Dawn


MG Boulter - Midnight Movies


Whom By Fire - Rope


Mark Wynn - Lost John


Steve Taylor - Mildsensations


Artgruppe - I Won’t Survive


Plantman - Whispering Trees


Phil Burdett - Heart of the Social


Luxury Liner - Nothing Lasts Forever


Leo Walrus - Who’s Been Well


The Jives - Comanche Moon

The Ugly Guys - Ol’ 45


The Jives - Steamroller Blues


Dave Dulake - Butterfingers


Pancake Promises - Toilet Seat Cover


Alien - Lifeless Animal


Tumbledryer Babies- Tell Me What To Do


Trevor Taylor, Dan Banks, Jose Canha & Robin Porter - Eagle Eyed


Gumbo - Coriolis Force


The Ends - Your Write The Hits (I Write The B-Sides)


The Scarletts - Carousel


Ted Groves - Ghosts


Simon Gentry - Holes In My Jeans


The Lucky Strikes - The Butcher and Mrs. Shaw


Reg Hiss Skiffle Group - Governing My Tapeworm


Jaws & The Midnight Flyer - Wretched & Loveless


Nathan Abbott - On The Shelf


Wednesday’s Child - Lay It On Me


Tuppenny Bunters - Half Out of The Jar


Dave Woodcock - I Forgot To Miss You - Late Night at The Railway Hotel


Mo’ Fingers - Get Carter
Mail order from:


Cusack - Last Shout at The Railway Hotel

Dave Dulake - Come Out With Us

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