Ship Full of Bombs

Eurovision as a Dare 2020

May 8, 2020

Welcome and bienvenue, please vote for your favourite via our Twitter.

Kamineffekt - Tanzen (Germany)

Container - Ventilator (UK)

Sophie Azambre Le Roy - Peut-être dans un village (France)

Sisto Palombella - Natureverse (Italy)

Lucidvox - Knife (Нож) (Russia)

Rita Braga - Helicóptero (Portugal)

Kaboom Karavan - KipKap (Belgium)

Dave Phillips - Drinking Song From The Tomb (Switzerland)

Linsey Pollak - 12 Frogs (Australia)

Bloom de Wilde - Do & Be (Netherlands)

Denis Kolokol - Untitled (Poland)

Les Atxes + The Missing Leech - Das Model (Kraftwerk Cover) (Spain)

Waterflower - Pārvērties (feat_ Lost Harbours) (Latvia)

Viviankrist x risaripa - Dancing Fruiche (Norway)

Kelpe - Bags of Time (Serbia)

Bendis - Gaia Calling (Romania)

Joxaren - Derivata (Sweden)

Arma Arghata - Finding Spirit (Lithuania)

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - Take a look out all over my face and head (Iceland)

Slime Golem - You Have Summoned The Slime Golem! (Master in awe of his creation) (Greece)

Katie O'Neill - Engulfed (Ireland)

Luc Houtkamp & Giorgio Occhipinti - The Legend of the Unfinished Paragraph (Malta)

Zherbin - No Input 1 (Finland)

Squalloscope - Investments (Austria)