Ship Full of Bombs

Emma’s Final CAAD show

January 31, 2019

A somewhat frantic prerecorded farewell. Featuring in no particular order:


The Wendy Darlings, Pharmakon, C Drik, Xiu Xiu, Snork, Jude Cowen Montague, Parry Grip, Audrey Chen, Nim Chimsky, ORE, Art Terry, Mattie Konig, Vladamir Boyashev, Moon Hooch, Heart Eyes, Mein Haus, The Colourful Disease, The Nearly, Fate Vs Free Willy, Mancingelani, Cunning Folk, Tangerine Cat, Takeharu  Kunimoto and The Last Frontier, Humousexual


Thank you everyone. Stay tuned and support the Patreon xx