Ship Full of Bombs

Easlea Like A Sunday Morning - 9/1/21 Strictly Mellow Bowie

January 9, 2022

What we heard to celebrate Bowie's 75th, and who chose them

  • Ian Fish, UK Heir (Iain McDermott)
  • Word On A Wing (Phil Burdett)
  • The Prettiest Star (D.C Morgan)
  • This Is Not America (Alan Taylor, Julie Anne Mackett)
  • “Helden” (Lydia Kohl)
  • Teenage Wildlife (Daryl Easlea)
  • Absolute Beginners (Nigel Reeve)
  • Loving The Alien (Daryl Easlea)
  • The London Boys (Maggy Smith, Jon Harrington)
  • God Knows I’m Good (Tony Levene)
  • After All (Phil Pavling, Alan Robinson)
  • Quicksand (Paul Alger)
  • Soul Love (Allan Jones, Nick Maslen)
  • Lady Grinning Soul (Karl Carpenter, Matt Tyrell, Becky Stewart, Jane Hitchin)
  • Right (Andy Fordyce, Dave Collins, Alex MacNutt)
  • Who Can I Be Now (Mike Levey)
  • Can You Hear Me? (Daryl Easlea, Chris Goddard, David Quantick)
  • Rock ’n’ Roll With Me (Mark Adams)
  • Tonight (Phill Jupitus)
  • When The Wind Blows (Mark Wood, Jim Fry)
  • Buddha Of Suburbia (John Chadwick, Russ Strothard)
  • Slip Away (Andy Spofforth, Julian Marszalek)
  • Wild Is The Wind (Jules Easlea, Martin Fry, Steve Carr, John Suckling, Becky Stewart, Andy Hunns and the Hunns massive)
  • Win (Russ Strothard, John Taylor, Graham Brown, Julie Grigg, Julian Stockton, Sean Dickson and David McAlmont, Daryl Easlea)

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