Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Scare 2018

October 12, 2018

A little bit garbled. A little bit fierce.


Zherbin - Petali III

Guttersnipe - Stromatolite's Kiss

Kapil Seshasayee - The Ballad of Bant Singh

Miss Eaves - Fast Forward

Winterbound - The Mirror Room

Museum - The Law

MrSolidSnake745 - Ghostbusters Theme

NASA - Enceladus Hiss

HHY & The Macumbas - Wilderness of Glass

Dollboy - California

Sone Institute - French Woods

Gustavo & Jorgos - Desde el Alma

MMMM - Kalis

NASA - Van Allen Probe A

Ujjaya - Flight to Omega

NASA - Sun Sonification

NASA - Isolated robots

Rui Ho - Lush

Ten - The Age of Today 

Liberez - Here is the Proof

Mary Ocher - The Sound of War

Sandal - Lama Bada Yatathana

The Caring Babies - Corridors of uncorrugated cardboard



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