Culture as a Mild Scare 2017

October 5, 2017

Tonight we have some spooky dark ambient sounds, some noisy rock, some noisy rocks and a few things in between. 


Lost Harbours - Waking

We Us - Imaginary Friend

Sim Hutchins - Some Men (Me) Just Want to Let the World Burn

Saint McCabe - A Burial

Sayid Abdul Rahman and his group, Madbis Clan, Ganis Village, Berta Tribe - Al Shammasha

Ian Moss with Monkeys in Love - Heritage Theme Park

Isanj Dui - Loop 4

Cash For Your Stories - Raoul Moat (Spanish Folk)

Pumpkin - Crushing Aong

SWAN MEAT - Blood Echo/Wraith

That Faint Light - Backlit and Diffused

Bredbeddle - Feely

Time Attendant - TechAtomic

Ringing Rocks

Noir Noir - Infant of The Moon

Winterbound - The Mirror Room

Clear Degrade - In Passing

Jodie Lowther - Song for the Owl Outside

Anarchestra - Klekt 11