Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare September 11th

September 12, 2020

September Tracklisting


With our second short track special (because I didn’t realise Resonance were doing that this month too) celebrating pieces under the two minute mark, as well as some new releases and a few revisits to albums you may have missed.


Alex Reed and David Scott - Fall


Ian Joyce - Returned To The Aethyr Part 1


Short short songs:


Design A Wave - Perfectal Bum - 06 06


Background Projection - Scherzo ossimoro


Ryoko Akama, Anne-F Jacques and Tim Shaw - air, gravity, heat


The Tumbledryer Babies - I Don’t Wanna Talk To You


Thundercat - I Am Crazy [Explicit]


Amy Cutler - Kay, soon your heart will be made entirely of ice


Linsey Pollak - Laugh


Qualchan. - learn some


Muslim gauze - cloud of myrrh and teargas over Galilee




Naked Roommate - (Do The Duvet Pt. 2)


John Butcher – Sunday: for R.Q.


Matana Roberts - With Me Seek


Karvng Nyavva - Caution! #1 (Higher voltage)


Nachtstück Records - MUUUU! (Goderdzi pass, Georgia - August 2014)


Derek Baron - e j02a (2013)


Chik White - Utility box


AFALFL – cmoiré


Auster Boys - Lost In Berlin Theme


Jitter – Ritt


Chris Lott - Old Nebuck


Darren j Holloway - Flyht (One Month)


Dolly Dolly - Mr Taylor's Trousers


Eumig - Accident Waiting to Happen


Expose Your Eyes - Sun God


Frans Kedes - Want To Have Bring-Bring Cookies


Graham Dunning - Hoover Damned


Lani Lou - The Sea


Manu Louis – Canards


Mariam Rezaei - ANTE ft. Petronn Sphene


Music in Detention - Kurdish Love Song


BADAKHSHAN – I love your Little Teeth


OLAibi – (Yellow Seed)


Waterflower – Rats


Simon Finn - Our Da Da (The Chord's Prayer)


Kemper Norton – Treliske


The Soft Pink Truth - Grim and frostbitten gay bar [written by impaled northern moonfrost]


Fej - Is it Trumpets or Seals- (Feat Joshua Maxon Novak)


Toxic Chicken - Heart Dub


Mdou Moctar – Inizgam


Tapes & Tubes – Grandboy


Beachers - Refugia 3


Darren j Holloway - Flyht (One Month)




My Little Pony - a song to you on your 40th birthday


A Beautiful Idea - The Existence of Reality


Liber Viridios - The Great God Pan is Alive!


Yumah - Cisco


Diana Collier – Margins


Staraya Derevnya - Inwards opened the floor


Masal - Chelmer FM


Cath and Phil Tyler - High O'er The Hills The Mountains Rise


Marcella and The Forget Me Nots - On an ordinary day

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