Culture as a Dare Nov 2017

November 2, 2017

Some BIG sounds this month. I should point out that I never read the end of Little Women so if comparing someone's homelife to the book is offensive I apologise..... 


Mouse Round - Here's a Pin - Bagpuss Soundtrack

Prayana Kirtana

Patrick Coppola - Personafissure Parts 1-2

Pearl Divers - Smoking Gun

L.$.D. Fundraiser - I'll Bring You Down

Homeboy Sandman - Unravelling ft Jozef Van Wissem

Jez Creek, Ola Szmidt - Vibrations

Imploded View - Yamsio Nights

Silje Nes - Crystals

The Big Eyes Family Players - Ghosts Walk these Hills

Frankie Cosmos - Quick Song

Auster Boys - Interstitial Surge

Frankie Cosmos - POV of Toothbrush

Alexander Chambal-oglu Tulush - Ang-Meng Mal-Magan Ottuneri

Hoofus - Salvage and Reclamation

Raising Holy Sparks - Deepavali

Ongo Ensemble - Eci Ameya

Hxw Hxw - Exhuming the Cyclical 

Ian Moss with The Get - Have You Got it Yet

More L.$.D Fundraiser

Naked City Cinema - Naked Sweden/Naked Russia

Jean Bosco Mwenda - Tambala Moja