Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare March 13th 2020

March 13, 2020

Slum of Legs - Benetint & Malevolence

Handle - Vocal Exercises

PUDDING oO - Sweet Dill

Zoë Mc Pherson - Growth (monk report)

Nice Legs - Human Ears

Caio Falcão - Uma Vez Mais

Širom - A Washed out Boy Taking Fossils from a Frog Sack

Sonido Gallo Negro - La Danza de los Diablos

Weird Garden - Yumah - Time to Shine


Music in Detention - Fly Away Home

music in Detention - Kurdish Love Song

Music in Detention (Roshi) - Love From Syria


R. Weis - Shattering Light

Mismatched socks - Palatial

Gargle – Presage

Mongo Kanoni, Oma Sheriff & Mean Dartin – in the Ghetto

The Tumbledryer Babies – Night

Hindustani Classical Vocal_ Lage Lage Re Sanvaliya - In Raga Multani

Myshiuno - Created A Monster

Katie Geraldine O’Neill – Dream River – Katie’s mix is on my next show, 10th April GOOD FRIDAY not Palm Sunday as I stupidly say in the show.

Bardo Pond – Long Ride

LamummiaEh – La Mummia Nesyamun

Toxic Chicken - England

Gutter snipe – Facility of Parasitism

Matt Elliott – Something About Ghosts – The Matt Elliott gig is actually 31st March not whenever I said on air.