Culture as a Dare June 2018

June 15, 2018

24 hours and 5 minutes late, Culture as a Dare is back on air and what a delightful mix of tunes we have to lay before you. 


Loop Aznavour - The Girl With the Broken Face

Clara Engel - Wandering Light

Orchestre Baka Gbine - Liquindi

Phillip Marshall - Prodigal Son

Tapenoise - Bohemian Brood

Carla Bozulich - Glass House

Staraya Derevnya - Offering

FrankJavCee - Pop Song

Jodie Lowther - Dream of the Melting Plane

1000names - Roket Loop '94

Wheelchair Sports Camp - Hard Out Here for a Gimp

Docki Dong - T4CKY 

Robert Sunday - Romy

Tartine De Clous - C'etait par un dimanche matin

Thomas Traux - It Always Rains on Sundays

Mary Hampton - Gold Hat

Conny Olivetti - Ourang Medan

RADIKAL KUSS - Human Fight

Bada Doom - I am Loved and I need to be Human

Appalache - Hot