Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare Jumps Ship

November 6, 2020

Fairwell my loves, it has been a blast.




After 8 years of Ship Full of Bombs shenanigans I am heading off to pastures new, please stick with the station as well as following me to my new home, and please enjoy this bombastic leaving do with me. Culture as a Dare is on the socials if you want to keep in touch x Thanks to Al, Tom, Mark, and the rest of the team, and especially to Lee for being along for the ride.


Emma x




Lucidvox - My Little Star


Pisitakun – ReReLiLiGion


Iglooghost, Kai Whiston & BABii - Lamb


Kiko Dinucci – Olodé


Alice Hubble - Polarlichter (ADRA Acoustic Remix) 1


Circuit Breaker- Divine Displeasure


Rafael de Toledo Pedroso - Sombras Voadoras


Become the Sky - My favourite escape


The Green Child - Fashion Light


10 - step by step


KAPUTT - Think About Your Face (While You're Doing It)


bigroadbreaker - Trace Maintain


Shakeeb Abu Hamdan and Sholto Dobie – It’s Worse


Gaye Su Akyol - İsyan Manifestosu


Crushing Yellow Sun - Flood Messiah


mynameisblueskye - I Should Be In a Swimming Pool Right Now


TRKZ - Água & Sal


HYPERWUMP™ - Betamax Killed the Videostar


Alien – Nordic Sea


Ales Tsurko - The Hate - Part 1


Ciclismo - HST Exeter to Newton Abbot 1990


E.U.E.R.P.I. - Water


Intuicija - Ne ten, niekur


Vic Spanner - Thickery

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