Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare July 31st 2020

August 2, 2020

Mattie Konig - ..And Transformer Talks Back


Debby Friday and DJ Haram – Searching


Alex Monk - Post Solstice Blues


Oumeen - Slimeman


Dane TS Hawk & his Cop Jazz Festsemble – PP


The Spermaceti Organ – Galaxy Cluster


Diane – Latence


El Ten Eleven - Queen's Gambit


Sly and The Family Drone - Bulgarian Steel


Abuses - Don't Speak About It


Crushing Yellow Sun - Gold Dust Woman


The Doomed Bird of Providence - Constant Moving Stream


Mark Corrin – Aromatherapy


Flying Pyjamas - Eery


Agata Stanisz - DAF melody-Eindhoven, NL -24.8.15-


Orchestra of Spheres - Spectre


Experimental Sonic Machines – Jaunty


Om-lit – Thedious


D^MSELFLY - He Still Speaks to Her


Ikue Mori - seventh dwarf


Rachael Dadd – Animal


Gonzo – Agora Baixou o Sol


Cursus - Kist