Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare Ignore Valentines Day 2020

February 15, 2020

Emma's back and she hasn't seen a calendar.

Woelv - La Mort El Le Chien Obsese

Jackal Queenston - Flight Over Bat Country

Horse Macgyver - Spit Shine

Kusum Normoyle - Octopus

onnu panda - Brush

Enclosed & Silent Order - Ma'aseh Merkabah

Tapenoise - Spectackle Pitch Plastic

Diana Collier - Margins

Furrows - The Disappearance Of The Things We Loved

Pinnel – Chemical Beach

Bvrth – Oblivian

Stian Westerhaus – Chase the New Morning

Davaajargal Tsaschikher - Urgeljid Urgeljleh Urgeljlel

Hirt, Lytle, Tammen - Oua

Machine Woman - Medium-Balanced

Tropical interface - seed replicator

Auster Boys – Chant Boats

Asian Dub Foundation – Taa Deem

Dhangsha - Enclosure

ZX Plectrum - Yekatit


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