Culture as a Dare April 2018

April 22, 2018

This month we kick things off with some very short tracks and then we dribble down the pitch towards some fantastic new releases before putting it in the big netty thing and going home for a shower.



The Pocket Gods - Cygnus


Alix Dobkin - Hug -ee- boo

Unknown (actually I suspect it's me)

Richard There - Now I'm Fucked

Dave Phillips - Drinking Song From the Tomb

Pippet Show - Melody Egg#2

Chinabot - Jungjunyung - When I was a Man

Mbuti Boys - Nkumbi Initiation Song

Gas -f

Tumbledryer Babies - Quit Yr Job

Hime Bangs - Hui

Hyperbubble - Delicious Red Overture

Gas - Telluirium

Jodie Lowther - BBC Death and Horror

Katja Fregatte - Der Fat Albert

Sublime Frequencies - Vocal duet

Indii Moon - Counting Sheep

Frankie Cosmos - May 9

Central African Republic - Nzombi

Free Kitten - Feelin'

Psychological Strategy Board - Stereo Interference

Mark Gergis - Syria Today

Sayan Bapa - Cave Spirits

Adrian Lane - The Puzzle Begins

Harakiri - Speed

Unknown - Epilogue

Zorras - In the Details 3

Mr Solid Snakes 745's Floppy Drive Orchestra - Doctor Who Theme

Pettaluck - Intro

Hybernation - Long to

Boiled Head - Overtune (reprise)

Obasquiat - Rachel Sheherazade

Steph Horak - JLY

Jim Nollman - The lesson replayed

Broadcast - Minus 3

Emmanuelle Gatuso - Bist Du Auch In Meinem Traum?

Kari Bass, Tim Bass - I had a Little Nut Tree


Ita - Dabao

Kria Brekkan - Place of You

Chrissie - Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Monoslapper - Twit

Arma Agharta - Finding Spirit

Harmergeddon - Live at the Arts Cafe

Mark Applebaum - 3 Unlikely Corporate Sponsorships - No.3 Halliburton

Copper Sounds - Gong

Phil and Cath Tyler - Wallington

C- Drik - Ici et Allieurs - Partie 4

A Hawk and A Hacksaw - A Broken Road Lined WIth Poplar Trees

Mattie Konig - Bootlickin' Love

Unknown - Expree Your loyalty to Te tribe You Live in

Richard Sanderson - Why I do Morris Dancing

Anna McClellan - Heart of Hearts

Psychological Strategy Board - Out of Formation (out of Duration)

Tomoko Sauvage - Mylapore

Debby Friday - Void