Ship Full of Bombs

Culture As A Dare 24 April 2020

April 24, 2020

In which Lee covertly consumes curry and strawberries, less covertly consumes red wine, and accidentally plays a cover of John Carpenter instead of the original.

The CAAD Fest is still taking video submissions until the end of April. Email for more information.

Rev Simpkins - Sing Your Life (Sing Your Life EP, Antigen Records)

Plone - Just A Shadow (Puzzlewood, Ghost Box Records)

Holy Moloch - Ozymandias (single, self-released)

Puppy Bucket and Donny Choonara - TAK! (Ideal For Barbecues, Pineal Reverie)

Master Oogway - Garmonbozia (Earth and Other Worlds, Rune Grammofon)

Killd By - trendsetter1 (Neotropical, Noumenal Loom)

The Parlour Trick - Half Sick Of Shadows (A Blessed Unrest, self-released)

Alex Gray - Hypersleep (Ambient Dance, JW Media Music)

Mal Sharpe & Jim Coyle - Werewolf (Words & Pranks, Comedy Classics)

Cody Cornell - My Mind Is Blank (single, self-released)

Pulled by Magnets - Invite Them In (Rose Golden Doorways, tak:til)

Malcolm Goldie - Ponytail (The Sound Of Malcolm, Trunk Records)

Shae Tull & Dr. Airlines - Good Luck With The Beatles! (single, self-released)

Hodge - Shadows In Blue (Shadows In Blue, Houndstooth)

lil orti trum - Whip my Beard (single, self-released)

Ali Matthews & the Celestial Seasonings - No One’s at the Party (If the Party Is Just Me) (The Witching Way, self-released)

Wilder Maker - Infinite Shift (single, Northern Spy) TOM WILSON

Passenger Of Shit + Ethereal Girl - Space Clown Interlude (The Poo Mountains, Shit Wank Records)

The Doomed Bird of Providence - Constant Moving Stream (Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us, 10 to 1 Records)

John Callaghan - Slipping Into Shadow (If Every Day Were Like This One, Antigen Records)

Last call at Nightowls - Cold in my Veins (November) (Midnight Radio - NOIR JAZZ vol. 2, Signora Ward Records)

Entertainment Choir - Ave Maria (Daughter of My Dreams) (Entertainment: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack, Numero Group)

Daniel Caine - Assault On Precinct 13 - Main Title (Music From The Films Of John Carpenter, Silva Screen Records)

Googolplexia - Can't Wait To (A ViruSuite Of QuaranTunes, self-released)

Krzysztof Penderecki and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra - Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima (Matrix 5, Warner Classics)