Ship Full of Bombs

Culture As A Dare 22 May 2020

May 22, 2020

In which it was Lee's birthday today but that's okay I don't mind honestly I'll just eat my cake anyway, there's golden sunshine in LA, and the lineup for the inaugural CAAD virtual festival is announced.

CAAD Fest goes live on YouTube at midday BST, 23 May 2020:

David Lynch - Weather Report 5/22/20 (video from YouTube)

The Residents - Die! Die! Die! (single, Cherry Red Records)

Delta 7 - Every Sort of People (Summer Waves, self-released)

Vertical Foliage - Pylon Shadow Stenness (Love is a Grasshopper Nearby, CAMP Editions)

The Virgance - Battle Damage (Flying V, self-released)

Mounqup - The Threat (single, Molho)

Retribution Body - Picnic on a marble floor (Melancholia, self-released)

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Mannequin Mass (In Fabric OST, Duophonic)

Jupiter 2 - The Cards (Larry’s House, Jupiter Sounds)

dumama + kechou - khala zome (buffering juju, Mushroom Hour Half Hour)

MASTER BOOT RECORD - FDISK.EXE (Floppy Disk Overdrive, self-released)

Linsey Pollak - 4th of April (Cylisax & Tas Devil) (April, self-released)

Joanne Pollock - never be inside (Astraal Plaine, self-released)

Noah Britton - Happy Mother’s Day, Mom (single, self-released)

Rolando Simmons - Eaten Alive (Summer Diary Two, Analogical Force)

Al Bowlly with Ray Noble & His Orchestra - Midnight, The Stars and You (The Shining - The Complete British Dance Band Soundtrack, Screenland Records)

Ostanes - Hemelvaart (Anthology of Persian Experimental Music, Unexplained Sounds Group)

Bingo Sputnik - Tumble And Fall (Touching In The Dark, Whinny Moor)

last call at nightowls - Sperm and Tears (Ask the dust, Subsound Records)

Capitol K - Brook (Birdtrapper, Faith & Industry)

Elf Freedom - Blue Zebra (live) (Bongo Joe Records (Live on September 23, 2019), self-released)

Kate Ferencz - Devil Wants Blood (What Was the World, Cold Rhymes Records)

Cheating Spouses Caught On Tape - Free Jazz All Over My Face (Homo, self-released)

The Soft Pink Truth - Sinning (Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?, Thrill Jockey Records)

The Simpkins Family - Keep on the Sunny Side (Ragged Gospel Hope, Righteous Holler Recordings)