Ship Full of Bombs

Culture As A Dare 17 July 2020 (Lee’s last show)

July 17, 2020

In which all good things, and, let’s be honest, many, many bad things, must come to an end.

English Magick - Await My Love One Final Hour (Elemental Magick, self-released)

Fiona Apple - Under The Table (Fetch The Bolt Cutters, Epic Records)

Cornershop - No Rock Save In Roll (England Is A Garden, Ample Play Records)

Paul Weller - Earth Beat (On Sunset, Polydor)

Hilary Woods - Orange Tree (Birthmarks, Sacred Bones Records)

Deep Cabaret - Matchless (Matchless, self-released)

Drab City - Working For The Men (Good Songs For Bad People, Bella Union)

Keeley Forsyth - Butterfly (Debris, The Leaf Label)

Pulled By Magnets - Slow Shrouded Aisle (Rose Golden Doorways, tak:til)

Last call at nightowls - La Llorona (Ask the Dust, Subsound Records)

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - Thumri Bhairavi (Navarasa : Nine Emotions, Domino Recording Co.)

Sly & The Family Drone - Dead Cat Chaos Magician (Walk It Dry, Love Love Records)

Mike Dickinson - Now Go Do That Voodoo (That You Do So Well) (The Eleven Day Empire, self-released)

Naked Roommate - Repeat (Do The Duvet, Upset The Rhythm)

Belle Phoenix and the Subterranean Sea - The Devil's Son (What Colour Is Sound? Volume 1, What Colour Is Sound?)

Haq123 - Gravestone Robber (Evil Spirits Who Prowl About The World Seeking The Ruin Of Souls, self-released)

Tomoroh Hidari - Owl Stretching Time (小さな夢達 (Small Dreams), Mahorka)

Robert Alberg - Do You Believe In You (Acoustically Sonoran, self-released)

Ennio Morricone - Man with a Harmonica (Once Upon a Time in the West, Universal Music)

Jonathan Whitehead - 2nd Elevenses with Trellis Tuesday 26th May (video from YouTube)

Brigid Mae Power - Wearing Red That Eve (Head Above The Water, Fire Records)

Swin Deorin - Selene (Moon House, self-released)

Pettaluck - Stiff Upper Lip (John Callaghan remix) (S.T.E.M., TQN-aut)

Kunt and the Gang - If You Don’t Like This Song You’re A Fucking Cunt (Men With Beards and more!, Disco Minge)