Ship Full of Bombs

Culture as a Dare 09/10/20

October 9, 2020

Sorry for the lateness everyone, glitch at CAAD towers.



Excess Fat and Toxic Chicken -Dump a Dump


Oleg Kostrow – Melody


Karvng Nyavva - Mesmer


mynameisblueskye - A Pleasant Afternoon Text


Les Passagers - Les Oiseaux


Ljudit Andersson - Ace of spades


Sly and the Family Drone - Dead Cat Chaos Magician


Flavigula - Probability Poem


TRKZ – Eudaimonia


R Weis - Firewalk


Patchwork Academic & GRJ -آخر أيام الأبرياء


There are no birds here - Pelf (Demo)


Michael Plater - Gathering Feathers


Access - No New Men


Elza Soares - Luz Vermelha


Field Lines Cartographer - Black Gulls Over The Headland


Dregs of Zen - Track 2


JP y Los Marcianos Galácticos - PRAYING MANTIS




Mongoose – The Last of my Nine Lives


Warped Freqs - Condense Wires


Rev Simpkins – CreekSailor


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