Collage with Jay Smith. A Tribute to Dave Nichols

April 20, 2018

Jay plays some Funk 45's for in memory of Dave Nichols 


I've Got The Kind Of Love - Diplomats
Close Your Eyes - The Caprells with The Sol Brothers Band
Love Beads - Ray Barretto
The Wig - Lorenzo Holden

Boss Action - Enchanting Enchanters
Don't Chain My Soul - Carlton Basco
I'd Be Nowhere Today - New People
Funky Virginia- Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers

Save Your Love For Me - Vivian Reed
See Or Don't See - Marie 'Queenie' Lyons
Las Vegas - Joni Adams
Escape - Shirley Vaughn

Music Man Part 2 - Pleasure Web
Searching For Soul - Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers
The Road - Communicators and the Black Experience Band
Blow Your Mind - The Interpretations
The Trip - Eugene Blacknell

Reborn - Marilyn Barbarin and the Soul Finders
Lover and a Friend - Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham
Got To Get Me A Job - Ann Alford
Giving Up On Love - Marva Whitney

Cold Gettin' Done - Just Ice
It's Yours - T La Rock and Jazzy Jay
Play That Beat Mr DJ - G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid
Funky - Ultra Magnetic MC's

A New Day - J.C. Davis
Hip Drop - Explosions
Message From The Soul Sisters pt 1 - Myra Barnes
What You See You Can't Get - Pam Mckellum

I've Got Reasons - Mary Jane Hooper
Take This Funky Feeling - Blue Rhythm Combo
Let's Do It Today - The Us
Dap Walk - Ernie and the Top Notes
You Hit The Spot - Gloria Walker and Chevelles
Baby Don't Cry - Third Guitar

Brothers 0n The Slide - Cymande