Ship Full of Bombs

Collage - with Jay Smith - 25.01.19

January 25, 2019

On the show tonight, Jay played the following tracks:

Brian Bennett - Madrid

David Lindup - Dawn Blues
Sven Libaek - Destination Omega 3
Keith Mansfield - Spectrum

The London Studio Group/Reg Wale - Experiment of Fear
Johnny Dean - Demerara
Johnny Hawkswoth - Dealers in Death
Hubert Giraud - Generique "Le Tueur"

Francis Coppieters - Funky Chimes
L Driver - Red Zone
Johnny Hawksworth - Brass Beat
Eric Vanell & his Orchestra - Whistler on The Rocks

Sven Libaek - Soul Thing
Paul Kass - Rockpile
Midas Touch - Earthshaker
Simon Haseley - Response

Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2
The Continental Flutes - Iceshake
The Dave Pell Singers - Oh Calcutta
Denny Wright and the Hustlers - Shout About Pepsi

Don Harper - Dr Who Theme
Bernard Estardy - Pop Ring
The Kai Rautenberg Organisation - Make It Go
Sammy Burdson - Hard Training

Gerhard Trede & His Orchestra - Outlines
Dave Sarkys - Balleroy
C op den Zieken - Onyx

Klaus Doldinger - Beat In Space
Sammy Burdson - News Background
Gert Wilden - Bad Feeling
Keith Mansfield - Morning Broadway

Brian Bennett & Herbie Flowers - Bass and Percussion volume 2
Herbie Flowers - Cactus
Alan Parker - Motivation
James Clarke - On The Wild Side


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