Collage with Jay Smith - 18/05/2018

May 18, 2018

Tonight Jay played a selection of soundtracks and library music. The playlist included:

At The Sign of The Swinging Cymbal - Brass Incorporated

Stingray - Gary Miller
Theme from The Persuaders - John Barry
The Real Thing - Ivor Raymond Orchestra
Fun Buggy - The Poets

John Dalton Street - from the soundtrack of Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
Psychedelic Mood - Piero Picconi
Fuzzy Theme - Claman
The Girl In The Gold - Yav Tregger

Danger - Serge Gainsbourg
Small Town Pleasures - Stelvio Ciprani
Black Panther - (Conroy Library)
Hardly Rider - The Lizards

Street Girl - Electric Banana
Way Out - London's Underground
The Bends - Mark Duval
Megaton - Vecchio

Setting The Scene - Rogerio Du Prat
Movement One - Brian Bennett
Swamp Fever - John Cameron
Expo in Toyko - Alan Moorhouse
Funky Fanfare - Keith Mansfield

Confunktion - Dave Richmond
Giant's Causeway - Johnny Pearson
Product Efficiency - Johnny Pearson
Boogaloo Smith - (Progressive KPM)

Grand Funk - Brian Bennett
Powerboat - Alan Hawkshaw
The Action Scene - Alan Hawkshaw
Mini Motoring - Johnny Pearson

Underground Session - Janko Nilovic
Melodia Z Filmu Shaft - Henryk Debich
Yellow Fever - Paulo Zavaroni

Flight 2 - Angelo Eighteen
Theme From Black Belt Jones - Denis Cofey
Heavy Lift - Johnny Scott

Small Deal - Off Side
Solitude - Heinz Hotter
The Victim - Peter Sander
Big Bad Cat - The Benito Bernado Group