CAAD 22nd Feb 2018

February 22, 2018

Tonight we play Where are they Now with some of our favourite featured bands, mention the Folk Festival too many times and then almost forget to plug our own gig THIS SATURDAY at Twenty-One, Southend seafront, to raise funds for the station. See you there at 7pm! 

Samin Son - Pyjama Party Bonobo

Thruoutin - Nursling Swallow's Perch

The All Seeing Hand - Silicon and Synapse

Swan Meat - Devious

Hybernation - Too Long

The Tumbledryer Babies - Rock and Roll Ha-Ha

Experimental Sonic Machines - Selection 1

Alex Monk - Quickening Light

Lafidki - Kniom Nahn

Gobbinjr - Focu di Raggia

Hang on The Box - Koniqiwa Tokyo

CSMA - Ambient One

Moonswift and Sand Snowman - Invertigo

Cloven - Evening Butcher

Staraya Derevnya - Whispering Scutes/Bubbling Pelt

Patrick Coppola - Reader's Hypnagogia

Steph Horak - FEB

Za Ginnipiggu - Natural Selection I